Eyeviation's groundbreaking solutions utilize cutting edge technologies to improve the training of elite professionals.

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Eye Tracking

Our advanced eye tracking technology allows us to delve deep into the human gaze, understanding where attention is focused and how decisions are made. By studying eye movements, we gain valuable insights into the cognitive processes of operators, helping us identify the best candidates for elite units, and to facilitate training processes based on objective data.



AI empowers us to analyze vast amounts of data and recognize patterns that are impossible for the human instructor to discern. By processing this data, we create intelligent algorithms that assist in the selection and training by determining the specific strengths and weaknesses of each trainee.


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality transforms training into a dynamic, lifelike experience. With VR, trainees can immerse themselves in realistic simulations, replicating diverse scenarios they might face in the field. This immersive training environment allows for safe, repeatable practice, enhancing skills and decision-making abilities. Additionally, by integrating eye tracking into VR simulations, we can precisely measure and analyze the visual behavior of trainees, enabling us to provide targeted feedback and optimize training modules for maximum effectiveness.



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